Giving Back

ETA is passionate about helping people through the following charitable organizations.

ETA is also passionate about the preaching of God’s word.

  •  More than 30 years of scripture teaching by Pastor Steve Troxel are available free at this on-line library. –

Our Prayers

  • That our work would increase the safety of mankind
  • That our work would improve man’s stewardship of the resources he has been given
  • That our work would relieve suffering
  • That our work would contribute to human flourishing
  • That, most of all, our work would extend the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Who We Are:

    ETA International is a specialized engineering firm that delivers excellence, innovation, and value to engineering projects world-wide.

  • What We Represent:

    • Honoring God
    • Personal Integrity
    • Excellence
    • Accountability