Our Team

Don Johnson – Principal Engineer

Don is a registered professional engineer with more than twenty-five years experience in engineering, testing, and analysis. Mr. Johnson has completed projects in the following areas.

  • Subsea system design, assembly, testing, and analysis
  • Testing and failure analysis of offshore hose and flexible pipe
  • High pressure / high load testing in hazardous environments
  • Pressure vessel design and fabrication
  • Offshore flowline system design and analysis
  • Test rig, system, and procedure development
  • Product development


Wyatt Tubb – Senior Engineer

“Wyatt is a registered professional engineer in the State of Texas with eight years experience in mechanical design, fabrication and analysis. A former welder, machinist, and gunsmith, he creates simple and effective designs. He is proficient in SolidWorks, Nastran In-Cad FEA, VA Structural Analysis, and OrcaFlex®.”



Charles Lochte – Engineer

Charles has three years of experience in mechanical design, fabrication, and testing. He is proficient in SolidWorks, NEI/Nastran, Visual Analysis, and OrcaFlex®.



Sean Roy – Engineer

Sean has one year of experience in mechanical design, fabrication, and testing. He is proficient in SolidWorks and NEI/Nastran.



Pete Harrell – Senior Consultant

Mr. Harrell is an expert in the reliability and root cause failure analysis of mechanical and fluid systems. He has specialized knowledge and experience with bearings, gears, lubrication systems, bolted joints, hydraulic systems, gas compressors and elastomeric hoses. In addition, he has detailed experience with the reliability issues of aging aircraft and industrial plant machinery with extensive work experience with the petroleum and petrochemical industries in offshore exploration activities, process plants, and pipelines.



Jerry Henkener – Senior Consultant

Jerry Henkener has more than 30 years experience in the design, fabrication and testing of components to operate in the harsh offshore and subsea environments. Mr. Henkener can bring his extensive experience to assist in solving system and component design and fabrication issues, especially in the following areas:

  • Accurately define system and component requirements
  • Assist with the design of systems and components
  • Provide an independent design review function
  • Assist with developing realistic Test Procedures
  • Review of Test Procedures and Test Fixture Design
  • Assist with writing Interim and Final Reports
  • Provide Project Management assistance


Jim Halwachs – Senior Consultant

Jim has specific expertise in major program and project development and management; conceptual design and direction of detailed design, fabrication, integration, test, and systems safety certification of complex manned hyperbaric and 1 ATM deep diving systems and unmanned remotely operated deep diving subsea intervention systems and their deployment and handling systems. Focus areas have included ocean, marine, mechanical, civil and environmental engineering; industrial activity management; diving and underwater inspection and construction; non-destructive test and manned system safety certification and quality assurance; Navy nuclear ship and submarine repair and modernization, and tailored overarching quality systems program development, implementation, and improvement.

  • Who We Are:

    ETA International is a specialized engineering firm that combines personal experience and industry relationships to deliver excellence, innovation, and value to engineering projects world-wide.
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    • Honoring God
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