Time and materials rates are:

Labor Category
Senior Consultant
Principal Engineer
Senior Engineer
Engineer 2
Senior Technician
Technician 2
Materials and Services billed at cost + 7.5%
Travel Expenses billed at cost + 10%
Hourly Rate 2019

ETA’s standard rates envision transferring all intellectual property developed during a project to the client. On approved projects, ETA is willing to negotiate reduced labor rates in return for an equity stake in the intellectual property.

Software Fee (Engineering and Analysis Projects)
Lab Use (Testing Projects)
Equipment/Test Sample Storage *
*The storage fee covers an outdoor storage space approximately 8 feet wide and 30 feet long (240 square feet). ETA is not responsible for deterioration of stored equipment or test samples.
5% of Billed Engineering Labor
$150/day or $500/week
$50/week or $200/month

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    ETA International is a specialized engineering firm that combines personal experience and industry relationships to deliver excellence, innovation, and value to engineering projects world-wide.
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